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Hydrotherapy Bald Treatment

Evens skin tone

Revitalizes scalp

Deep pore cleansing

Oil / Grease free shine

Alaskan Mask Facial

Promote healthy skin

Cleanse pores

Controls breakouts

Reduces dry and oily skin

Thermal Scrub (Scalp)

Scalp exfoliation

Promotes hair growth

Moisturizes hair and scalp

Anti dandruff

Anti itch and scratch

Beard luster wash

Improves beard growth

Prevents itching

Exfoliates the skin

Unclogs trapped pores

Hydrothermal Dry Shampoo Service

Eliminates oil, grease, and sebum build up that hinders the best possible haircut.

Refines hairline definition

Alternative option to shampoo service at sink.

Full service hair cut

Haircut and style

Includes hot towel & razor

all enhancement services available on request

Thermal Scrub razor bump neck treatment

Relieves bumps and irritation


Prevents neck and chin discoloration


Removes ingrown hairs

Enhancement services


Completely natural and undetectable


Enhances beard & hairline


Conceal thinning areas


Conceals balding.

Arctic Man Facial






Promote proper blood flow

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